You can do this, Louisiana.

Live fun. Live fit. Live Tobacco-free.
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Well-Ahead Louisiana

Well-Ahead Louisiana is a campaign started by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals aimed at improving the health and wellness of Louisiana citizens. Well-Ahead Louisiana promotes and recognizes smart choices in the spaces and places we live and work every day that make it easier for us all to live healthier lives, from going tobacco-free to ensuring healthy lunch options or supporting workplace fitness programs.

Well-Ahead promotes voluntary changes without imposing new taxes or creating new rules. This is about Louisiana’s people, leaders, businesses and organizations taking action because it is the right – and healthy – thing to do.

Visit Well-Ahead Louisiana to learn more.

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Everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. So we want you to share your success story (and your struggles) with us, so that you can help motivate and encourage others to quit.

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