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The 5 A's: Steps to Tobacco Intervention

Successful intervention begins with identifying users and appropriate interventions based upon the patient’s willingness to quit. The five major steps to intervention are the “5 A’s”: Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, and Arrange.

Remember to:

1. Ask. Identify tobacco users at every visit.

2. Advise. Talk with patients about tobacco use and urge them to quit.

3. Assess. Determine if the patient is willing to make a quit attempt at this time.

4. Assist. Prescribe a medication unless contraindications exist.

5. Arrange. Arrange follow-up, including Fax-To-Quit Louisiana.

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Share Your Quit Story

Everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. So we want you to share your success story (and your struggles) with us, so that you can help motivate and encourage others to quit.

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