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Tobacco-Free Health Care Facilities

The Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals Tobacco Control Program partners with hospitals and health care facilities in Louisiana to become 100% tobacco-free campuses.

The fundamental purpose of the Tobacco-Free Health Care Facilities program is to recognize that hospitals are ideal role models of healthy environments within the community. The initiative for health care facilities to become 100% tobacco-free supports this goal by protecting patients, employees and visitors from any exposure to secondhand smoke. Project HEAL (Help Empower All of Louisiana) was piloted in 2008 and 2009 among seven critical access hospitals, and since that time, many health care facilities in Louisiana have become tobacco-free.

Hospitals that are 100% tobacco-free are able to:

  • Reduce health-related risks associated with tobacco products for patients, visitors and staff
  • Provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients, staff and visitors
  • Promote and encourage healthy lifestyles, wellness, prevention, and the treatment of diseases throughout their communities
  • Influence public attitudes about tobacco products
  • Support tobacco users who wish to quit by offering tobacco cessation assistance

For more information on how to become a 100% tobacco-free health care facility, please contact Tonia Moore at

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