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Smoking Cessation Trust

The Smoking Cessation Program provided by SCT Management Services, L3C (SCTMS) is a statewide 10-year smoking cessation program to benefit all Louisiana residents who started smoking cigarettes before September 1, 1988 and desire to quit smoking. These smokers are known as Scott Class Beneficiaries.

This program provides for the reimbursement of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), Telephone Quit Line Services, Office Visits and Counseling. For more information on what resources are covered under the Program, a complete listing of eligible services can be found online at

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Quit Line Benefits ‘” What Your Patient Should Expect

‘¢ Unlimited toll-free calls to the Quit Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (during the active phase of your quit attempt(s)
‘¢ A Quit Coach will create a personalized quit program for each caller
‘¢ Receive up to five (5) calls from a Quit Coach to receive support and encouragement
‘¢ The Quit Coach will track your participation and outcome, help you reassess your personalized Quit Program and help you decide if you need additional counseling and medication support
‘¢ Receive follow-up calls from your Quit Coach at six (6) months and 12 months after you complete the program
‘¢ Access to online smoking cessation information and tools, as well as printed educational and motivational materials

Patients register at or call toll-free at (855) 259-6346.

Some services require referral/order by a physician. Limits do apply to services based on the Smoking Cessation Program, as amended from time-to-time.

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Share Your Quit Story

Everyone's quit story is different. What works for one, might not always work for another. So we want you to share your success story (and your struggles) with us, so that you can help motivate and encourage others to quit.

Please tell us your story...